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Personalized dashboards


Visualization library

Dexibit includes a growing library of visualizations specifically combining multiple data sources, deep learning and creative interactives.


Each member of your team can easily tailor a unique dashboard to see data that’s most relevant to them, in a way that they find most insightful.


Shared notes

Drop note pins on your data timeline to enrich your data’s context and harness institutional knowledge.


Access your data anytime, anywhere and from any device (desktop, tablet, mobile or TV) with automated refresh for live displays.

Automated reports


Starter templates

Dexibit includes a series of templates based on our best practice research in the cultural sector.

Convert and share

Convert live reports into PDF files then publish an automated schedule with your team.


Periodical analysis

Granularity on the period of your choice with built in trend analysis. Plus, change audit factors, opening hours and monitor targets or alerts*.

Interactive components

Expand a view, or condense. Compare to target or shadow past performance, apply filters, investigate specific points in detail, or toggle various views.

Ingestion engine


Integration packs

Centralize disparate data feeds across onsite, online, social, ticketing, commercial, weather and more, via integration or upload.

WiFi presence

Onsite, Dexibit detects visitation, zone activation, dwell times, trail routes and repeat visitation over your WiFi network or with an accessory.


Velocity scheduling

Determine the frequency of ingestion, with support for near time streaming to support in the moment decisions.

Data warehouse


Big data ready

Manage the avalanche of big data by landing data into your own data lake, utilizing the latest technologies.

Multi tenancy

Dexibit’s multi tenant cloud manages multiple venues per account, provisioned separately – with multiple users, each with various permissions.

Insights distillery


Prepacked insight

Dexibit’s innovative algorithms add value to your data with the latest in data science and artificial intelligence.

Manage programming*

Powerfully, schedule exhibitions and events to navigate visitor behavior by program.

Data lab


Data Lab

A  self service facility for analysts to query, graph and export raw data in a free form visualization environment using SQL and more.

Interested in R?

The Lab supports access for data scientists to easily create their own independent models using R.


Third party reporting

Dexibit can integrate on request with additional reporting tools such as Tableau and Qlik Sense.

Data concierge



Your own data concierge will take care of your account setup, including configuring integrations and importing existing data.


Your concierge will help guide your team through an introduction to analytics and training with Dexibit, leveraging our industry experience.


Support and advisory

If you need support or assistance with your data, your concierge is on hand to answer questions or offer advice with insights and intelligence.

Optional accessories

Dexibit cloud

Marker (WiFi)

To record onsite presence, Dexibit integrates with your existing WiFi network. If your institution doesn’t have a presence capable WiFi network, Dexibit integrates with a number of optional hardware accessories. These detect onsite visitation including zone activation, dwell time, trail sequencing and repeat visitation by monitoring visitor device signals, without any impact to the visitor’s experience (no app to download or permissions to accept).

Requires WiFi and power access.

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