Connecting Google Analytics to your Dexibit Account

Google Analytics

To add access, go to and log in to your account.

From the top horizontal menu, click ‘ADMIN’.

Choose whether to add permission for Dexibit at an account, property or view level. Unless you have a preference otherwise, please use ‘Account’ access.

  1. Account – use this menu to give Dexibit permission across all your Google Analytics properties (useful if you’re managing multiple sites, apps or digital experiences via Google)
  2. Property – use this menu to only allow Dexibit select permission to a single property, such as your website
  3. View – use this menu to restrict Dexibit’s access only to some data from your Google Analytics account

From the Account, Property or View menu, choose ‘User Management’.

On the User Management page, scroll down. Under ‘Add permissions for’, enter ‘‘ with the setting ‘Manage users, Edit, Collaborate, Read and Analyze’. Check the box next to ‘Notify user by email’.

Click [Add].

Please note Dexibit will need to retain this permission for the lifetime of the integration. Once the integration has been setup, this can be scaled back to ‘Read and Analyze’ only.