Analyzing visitors within the US from near and far

With visibility of where your hot spots of popularity are, you can make campaign investment decisions to either double down on what’s working or attract visitors from underrepresented areas.


Introducing the US state visitor origin visualization

Building on the popularity of the Visitor Origin Choropleth (visualization #209)*, a granular heatmap of where visitors are coming from based on zipcode, our latest visualization brings a US wide view showing a heatmap of visitor origin by state (visualization #242)*.  As with the local view, the heatmap colors indicate hotspots and via aggregation of the underlying zipcode data, hovering your mouse over each state will show you the absolute number and the percent of the total from that area.


Some of the questions you might ask your data include:

  1. Do the results align with your target market? With the targeted locations of your advertising spend (such as billboards or mail drops)?
  2. Are there any areas where origin concentration is unexpectedly high? What would happen if the advertising budget was invested in these areas?
  3. Where are visitors not coming from? What could be improved to target or welcome these visitors more?

*Search for these visualizations by number within the visualizations Library or Catalog