BENCHMARKS: Benchmark visitation by date

As we have all experienced throughout 2020, external events can have a major impact on visitation. Viewing your visitation in isolation can lose this context and have you wondering whether other venues are faring better or worse.

Similar to the Recovery Index, the Visitation Benchmark shows your visitation index, or how your visitation compares to the equivalent time last year, and overlays this on the global, local or group benchmark as a range, median and in quartiles.  

Unlike the Recovery Index, rather than calculating these metrics as the number of days since reopening to get a sense of whether there are any patterns post reopening, the Visitation Benchmark displays the data by date so that you can understand how other aspects of the external environment impact visitation. Consider annual holidays, school holidays, elections, weather events, and rising or falling covid cases depending on your region. These are all related to a period of time and so are not represented in the reopening view.



The added benefit of the Visitation Benchmark is that you can also adjust your date range to understand different periods of time, including prior to covid closures.