BENCHMARKS: Benchmark your reopening visitation

As visitor attractions around the world reopen, the question that is top of everyone’s mind is how their reopening visitation compares to that of others. Now using the power of Dexibit’s platform, venues can compare their reopening visitation against the Dexibit Recovery Index© as a new free offer to help the industry during these challenging times.

Variations in venue size and type are managed by taking the percentage of visitation from the previous year. This means no matter what type of visitor attraction you are or how many visitors you normally have, the Dexibit Recovery Index© can be used to compare between venues.

The variation seen across days of the week are smoothed both by using a seven day rolling average. Similarly, the variation in time of year is smoothed by taking the index based on the number of days since reopening. For example, Museum A opened mid-June, while Museum B opened two weeks later. Museum B will see their first day of reopening compared to Museum A’s first day of reopening.

The tool is created in such a way that no individual venue’s data will be visible or identifiable – the data is grouped together and shown as a range or average. As the number of venues using the tool grows, the benchmark will continue to be refined and additional comparisons will be possible such as types of venues or specific locations.

The Benchmarks dashboard will show your total venue visitors, your visitation over time, your percentage of normal benchmarked against the range and average both globally and for other venues near you. If you’re interested in inviting peers for direct comparison, please get in touch.

Our Benchmarks tool is free forever for visitor attractions. Click here to join Dexibit for free.