COVID-19: Dexibit responds with subscription relief, new features and a global community

A letter to customers from our Chief Executive

Dear friends and colleagues,

Since I last wrote a week ago, I know everyone has had an exceptionally difficult few days. The team and I are thinking of you all, especially those already dealing with challenging circumstances in your cities.

On Thursday, we held a webinar together with AAM, IAAPA and Blooloop attended by over a thousand visitor attractions globally. Slides and a recording are at, with a survey to anonymously share with industry how you’re responding. We’re launching a Facebook group for discussion and will publish more content and collaboration opportunities so we can all get through together.

Early last week we released new visualizations providing insight into COVID-19 by measuring the impact to date against forecast and year on year growth. Together with additional analysis, we’ve compiled these into a new dashboard template and a personalized COVID-19 Impact Assessment Reports which our success team are in the process of distributing. This insight can help with insurance claims, funding requests and communicating with stakeholders.

We’re now working on a new scenario simulation module to help plan for an uncertain future. Venue opening dates are up in the air and the conditions under which opening occurs may be restricted (such as hours, capacity, procedures, programming, events, hospitality and more). We can also expect usual business model assumptions may change, such as member renewal or visitor spend. Whilst we cannot predict the unpredictable with COVID-19, we can help prepare for the worst and plan for the best, then monitor what happens in between to ‘survive and thrive’. With such high stakes, the need for data informed decisions is even more crucial.

For everyone facing indefinite closure, we understand times are tough. Today, we’re announcing an immediate three month subscription extension for all customers closed by COVID-19. During this subscription holiday, you can choose to suspend or continue invoicing. For those with a renewal date of 31 March 2020 or later, this will mean the postponement of renewal by 90 days.

At Dexibit, our business is going into COVID-19 from a strong position – we’re here to support you in navigating this difficult time. Though we swapped office life in favor of work from home, we continue to operate as usual. We’re fortunate to be headquartered in New Zealand, where impacts are somewhat muted from the global crisis and benefit from strong government support.

In this unprecedented situation, we feel the call stronger than ever in our mission to power our cultural future and ensure the sustainability of places people love.

Kia kaha,