Deep dive on visitor origin

Whilst many venues are content to see a high level overview of visitor origin, visualized as the eight most common of the near 42,000 zip codes in the US, some of our Dexibit customers have been crying out for a deeper dive on this data and many have asked just what’s in that large ‘Other’ category on the visualizations.

Now when you download the zip code data from the Code by Day of Week visualization, you’ll receive a CSV containing the count for all zip codes for each day of week.

This data is particularly useful to identify areas in which may benefit from a boost in marketing investment either to leverage those with high volumes of visitors to increase repeat visitation or leverage word of mouth, or to identify areas where the messaging may have not yet cut through.

When interrogating the detailed view, consider the profile of the areas in which visitation is high or low and look for commonalities or underlying trends rather than the specifics of what can be quite small percentages.