Dexibit Free: getting started

Analyze, improve and compare visitation statistics with Dexibit Free – a light dashboard with benchmarks to help your team navigate the recovery. In addition to quickly and easily managing your visitation data with your team, you can access global or local benchmarks or join a group as a multiple venue portfolio, association or cooperating peers, while keeping your own venue’s data safe and secure. In this section, we’ll walk through getting started, take you on a tour of the product and discuss how to tell the story of recovery in your organization.

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1. Register and add data

When you register for Dexibit Free, you’ll receive a confirmation welcome email with instructions on how to get started. You’ll need daily visitation totals for at least 12 months history up until the day you closed due to COVID-19 (or more, if you like). Download the template and send data to, or click ‘Add data’ once you’re logged in anytime you want to add more.



  • Register for Dexibit Free
  • Add at least 12 months visitation daily statistics via template
  • Keep an eye out for your user invite

2. Add users

With Dexibit Free, you can add up to 3 users per venue, so let us know if you’d like to invite your team! You can also invite other venues to join, then even share in benchmarks as a group.

Dexibit is a great place to manage the source of truth for your visitation data and share with colleagues – plus, you can download your data anytime.



  • Invite your team
  • Invite other venues
  • Join a group or form your own

3. Tell the story of your recovery

Dexibit’s unique Recovery Index, including Recovery Rate, provide an easy yet informative way to look at how your visitor attraction is performing in the wake of COVID-19. Together with visualizations on your visitation data and interesting insights on visitor behavior, you can create data stories to share with your team in strategy and operations.

Interested in extending your Dashboard or discovering more Insights? Find out more about advancing your data journey with Dexibit.



  • Compare your venue’s Recovery Index
  • Form and share data stories of recovery
  • Advance your data journey


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