Working with a data concierge

Dexibit’s analytics solution provides cultural institutions with real time insight on visitor behavior across every channel, including onsite presence. We know the best leaders don’t just manage with gut feel, but empower strategy and operations with deep understanding to inspire change, using data driven insight. At Dexibit, we also know that becoming data driven is a journey. To help guide the way, Dexibit includes a unique Data Concierge service. We will configure your setup, help your team learn about analytics and provide recommendations to interpret your results. Plus, you’ll find our data analysts, architects and scientists on hand if you need additional assistance with special projects.

Using our proprietary Insights Methodology distilling years of experience, your Data Concierge will walk you through a step by step, best practice approach to organizational change in the data journey. You’ll discover lean management, a six sigma approach to continuous improvement and agile project management techniques.

With each step, your Data Concierge will provide management tools from our library and tips on how to get the most from your data. You can pick and choose what works for you. Our online support is available round the clock and every subscription includes our unique Data Concierge service, with Dexibit’s data driven insights for cultural institutions.