Enhancing the Dexibit Dashboard

Sometimes the smallest piece of functionality can make a huge difference.

As users of the Dexibit platform level up and explore a wider variety of visualizations, we’ve heard and felt for ourselves, a couple of small frustrations in the dashboard functionality. The first is making repeated date selections when logging in afresh each day. The second is knowing whether you have a template loaded, and if so, which template.

You asked and we listened.


Introducing sticky dates and template names

Now with Dexibit, your last selected date range will be loaded when you log in each time to save you time and clicks. As always, the date range displays above the first visualization in the top left hand corner so you can see at a glance the date range that is loaded.  To change the date range continue to use the calendar icon in the top right of the screen.

A selected date range will be retained even if you navigate away from the dashboard or log out.


Additionally, now when you load a template via the templates icon on the pull out menu, the template name will show in the top right hand corner.  If you make a change to the dashboard by adding or removing a visualization the name will disappear as the dashboard has been changed from the template. This is ideal for those of you that switch between a range of different templates as you will always know what template you’re looking at, or whether you need to save the view you have created as a new template.

Template names now appear on the top right hand corner of Dashboards.


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