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Frontend Engineer

To apply for a role at Dexibit,
email your resume to

Level             Open
Capacity      Full time
Type              Employee
Location      New Zealand (preferably Dexibit’s Auckland office, open to domestic remote)
Reports to  Chief Technology Officer

Who we are

Do you love dinosaurs and data? We are Dexibit, and we do! We serve the visitor attractions industry, on a mission to democratize data and unlock the precious insights buried deep within. Our world leading Kiwi SaaS product empowers museums to zoos to theme parks to make data driven decisions. We work with big names globally, like the Smithsonian – alongside your favorites here at home, like MOTAT. We’re a diverse, empowered team who have collected a fair few awards in our time from HiTech, NZIBA, TIN and more!

What we do

Dexibit predicts and analyzes visitor behavior to drive engagement and bring more people through the doors. Our product includes forecasts, insights and dashboards equipped with machine learning, natural language processing and more. It’s a great time for the industry, which is experiencing a boom post pandemic! 

Why you should care

While early in our journey, we’ve proven we know our industry. We serve predominantly larger venues through an enterprise sales business model. Our international focus and niche offering has huge potential upside. As a small product team that means we have some big challenges ahead of us, but paired with exciting opportunities for career growth.

The start up environment is fast paced. We’re always learning, discovering and adjusting course. We take a super collaborative approach to getting stuff done. This means you will be exposed to the complete gamut of product development and will have the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of the process, from ideation to delivery.

The role

We have a small but mighty frontend team at Dexibit. We’re fiercely dedicated to teamwork and continuous improvement of both our product and the technical landscape that drives it. We pride ourselves as a highly trusting team who love to collaborate and solve tricky problems together.

We have a micro-frontend architecture which powers our app and have put a lot of work into streamlined processes that get us into production super fast!

Our tech stack is built with React, TypeScript, Emotion with styled components, Highcharts for data visualisations and a sprinkling of JavaScript and NodeJS. We have worked hard on a beautiful design system which uses Storybook, React and Emotion styled components which keeps our UIs looking fresh and consistent. State is kept under control with Recoil and Redux Toolkit – you can probably tell we like to experiment – but we are on a path to consolidate. 

Quality code and testing are top priorities, we value unit test coverage and are building up our E2E test suite with Cypress.

Bullet points and buzz words

We’re looking for an experienced engineer who loves thinking creatively with the team to come up with simple solutions that solve real user problems. You have experienced the ups and downs of software development and can take those successes and scars as learnings for future decision making. 

We’re looking for:

  • Excellent communication both written and verbal
  • A dedication to your own learning as well as supporting your team
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and a few years experience at the front end, with expertise in React; JavaScript (ES6, React, Redux, Webpack)
  • Experience with different styling practices, we mainly use styled components but have come from a CSS modules approach.
  • React state management practices, hooks comprehension and state management libraries similar to Redux, Recoil, MobX
  • Experience with Storybook and component library development.
  • Performance optimization techniques and an understanding of design patterns. A solid understanding of development processes and agile practices
  • Experience with infrastructure technologies such as Ansible and AWS
  • Most importantly you have a great attitude and a growth mindset!

Even if you don’t have experience with all the points above, we still encourage you to apply!

Download Visitor Excellence Kit

Download Visitor Excellence Kit

As the global leader in big data analytics for visitor attractions, Dexibit takes privacy seriously. Read more about how we treat your privacy.

Download Data Audit Workbook

Download Data Audit Workbook

As the global leader in big data analytics for visitor attractions, Dexibit takes privacy seriously. Read more about how we treat your privacy.

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As the global leader in big data analytics for visitor attractions, Dexibit takes privacy seriously. Read more about how we treat your privacy.