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Dexibit includes a library of resources to assist with embracing the power of analytics. Below, you’ll find a sample of these to help you get started.


Whitepaper: data driven insight in the cultural institution

This whitepaper explores the business drivers and return on investment for analytics and outlines a leadership approach to people, process and technology with options analysis and implementation best practices.


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Whitepaper: data governance in museums

This whitepaper explores a data governance approach for the cultural sector, examining three important aspects of data governance: privacy, security and sovereignty.


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Workbook: musedata strategy

Where to start? This print out, write on workbook will walk you through the key steps to musedata leadership, with no technical knowledge required. Go it alone, or use the workbook to run a workshop. Align strategy, determine your data focus, manage metrics and more.


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Workshop: data requirements

Ready to begin? This print out, write on workshop facilitator’s guide and attendee’s workbook will take the various teams from your organization through an interactive discussion on decisions, reporting and communication to determine your data requirements.


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Visitor journey map

Resource: visitor journey map

Explore the channels and data sources across visitor discovery, engagement and retention in order to trace metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), using a funnel framework.


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Poster: insights methodology

A lean sigma inspired methodology for introducing data driven thinking in the museum.


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Poster: analysis methods

An introduction to 12 popular analysis methods and when to use what.


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Poster: graph types

An introduction to 12 popular graph types and when to use what.


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Framework: integration architecture

An industry standard integration architecture.

Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Sharealike 4.0 International License 


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