Predictive analytics

Dexibit’s predictive analytics models go down to the hour and up to a year ahead to predict visitation, attrition (no shows), exhibitions, revenue, experiences* and events*.

Machine learning

With the latest in artificial intelligence, leverage models trained across our industry network with deep sector specific research using our machine learning models which listen and learn for the unique signals which propel visitor behavior in your venue.



Understand featured factors behind predictions and corral important calendar inputs, such as public program, regional events, tourism and weather, past and future.


Set targets and evaluate expectations. Monitor forecasts as they come to life and compare actuals to attribute where investments resonate with your visitors.


Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics models offer unique insight into visitor journeys – before, during and after the visit, onsite and online such as digital correlation** (online to onsite conversion), location analytics (onsite tracking using WiFi) and sentiment analysis (social reviews and freeform comments).

Correlate influences

Easily understand how factors such as seasonality, time and what’s on in and around your venue impact visitor behaviors and key decisions such as visitation, dwell time and revenue.



Swap manual data manipulation for an automated data pipeline for data cleansing, transformation and insight, configured to your unique business rules and utilizing Dexibit’s best practices in data architecture.


Browse a library of ready made, business friendly data visualizations purpose built for visitor attractions, bringing together multiple data sources and deep insight.



From marketing to curatorial, enable every user to easily personalize their own dashboard, based on what insight they find meaningful – or start with ready made templates. Easily slice and dice data by creating and sharing personalized queries – no code required.

Multi venue portfolios

Aggregate multiple venues as a portfolio while maintaining a birds eye view, reducing visibility, transparency and time to report from subsidiary venues. Create cross venue reporting opportunities, understand inter venue visitor experience and establish group benchmarks.


Security permissions

Benefit from enterprise grade features, such as the ability to restrict data access to certain users.


Quickly drop notes to record what’s happening against your data history for future reference and collaboration.



Start with one of our best practice templates or customize a report that’s unique to your organization.


Set and forget automated report via PDF to email for hands free reporting.



Enjoy a powerful design canvas to create extensive reports with the freedom to format your layout.


Add custom objects including rich text and images to truly illustrate your data story.



Arm advanced technical users with a highly extensible self service analytics tool.


Draft, publish and share notebooks for each of your big data analytics research projects.



Write your own custom queries, or leverage the Lab for your Python or R environments.


Maintain control over your data and download anything, at any time, without needing vendor assistance.




Receive a turn key service with guided setup, integration configuration and onboarding management with a cloud hosted data lake and warehouse.


Access online support with comprehensive self service documentation or personal help when you need it.



Receive user training, workshops and our masterclass series with insightful recommendations.

*Coming soon, *In beta

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