Improved control of admission definition

Aligning your business rules to the configuration of the Dexibit platform is a key part of ensuring success in your data journey.  Up until now, the standard Dexibit controls available for defining visitation or admission (ticket counts) allowed you to select the ticket products that count.  For example, some venues include only general admission. Tickets related to activities such as special exhibitions, experiences or events do not count towards the total admission or visitation tally.  Whilst this covered most use cases, the level of control was not granular enough for some venues, who also exclude certain ticket types from this count.  

In Dexibit ticket products generally relate to what the visitor does, and ticket types relate to who the visitor is, for example Adult, Child or Family.

Within the Rules section of the Venue module, expand the ticket product and use the checkboxes to edit the ticket types for inclusion in your admission or visitation data.

Very soon you’ll also be able to add a pax count to these types for even better alignment with your business rules!