Location, Location, Location

Where do visitors come from? A big part of analyzing visitors is understanding who is coming to the venue – are they locals, out of towners or international? Are visitors from nearby, or having to commute in? What socio economic neighborhoods are popular amongst visitors? Location data provides a guide on where advertising dollars should be spent to maximize returns and an indication of where the venue may have an untapped opportunity or diversity challenge to address – plus a view on how these pictures compare across various offerings.

Visitor origin data is easiest to explore with postal codes – these can be collected at ticket presale or admission, from membership subscription or using surveys with intercept evaluation or even the WiFi captive portal (note in select regions, postal codes may be considered personally identifiable and need to be treated with additional care).

At Dexibit, we’ve launched a new model in the Insights module, dedicated to exploring visitor origin from ticket, member or survey data. Amongst other visualizations, it includes an interactive map of the world called a choropleth – a heat map over the globe which highlights districts based on their popularity amongst visitors.

This data can also be cross referenced with census information as a proxy for understanding visitor demographics such as age, gender, household income – though beware aging census data in rapidly gentrifying areas.