MCN 2017: Musedata sessions (audio)

Money, data and power: the big data bake off of buy versus build

Andrew Simnick, Art Institute Chicago and Angie Judge, Dexibit

The business case for big data analytics in the museum increases revenue, optimizes efficiency and supports the mission for social good through data driven decision making. Using practical, international examples from museums large and small through two perspectives of commercial versus in house experience, Andrew Simnick from the Art Institute of Chicago and Angie Judge of Dexibit break the business case down into a series of use cases. Through posing a business challenge, taking action and finding discovery, this session will discuss methodology, calculate return on investment and share tooling to impart this research discipline.


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A deep dive into data visualization and the cultural institution

Jeff Steward, Harvart Art Museums; Elizabeth Bollwerk, Thomas Jefferson Foundation; Jessica Milby, Philadelphia Museum of Art; Neville Vakharia Drexel University and Angie Judge, Dexibit

Data visualization can be a powerful way of understanding and communicating important #musedata stories. However, it is also a complicated practice full of opportunities for miscommunication and misunderstanding. This session brings together five individuals representing museums, analytics companies, archaeology, and research, who are using data to tell stories that enhance their organization’s ability to innovate, emphasize transparency, and connect with audiences. Brief case studies will dive into the nuts and bolts of visualization, focusing on the guiding questions, the processes and tools, and how to measure success.


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Lock it down! Securing your museum in a hacker’s world.

Mara Kurlandsky, National Museum of Women in the Arts; James Vitale, Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Adam Gegg, St Louis Art Museum; Jeff Williams, Hammer Museum and Angie Judge, Dexibit

Bots. Hackers. Data Breaches. Phishing. Multi-factor Authentication. Right to Privacy. EEK! Our institutions are collecting and serving data on a massive scale and technology is developing at lightning speed—unfortunately, so are threats to the integrity of that data. Recent high profile events involving email hacking or corporate data breaches illustrate that the threats are real, and becoming more sophisticated. How should a museum protect itself? This panel will feature four professionals looking at security from different angles, who will share their own experiences, strategies, case studies, and horror stories to illustrate what comprehensive data security might look like for different institutions. Each expert will give a brief introduction to their area of expertise then participate in a moderated conversation with ample time for attendees to ask questions and share experiences.


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