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Powerful data management for multiple site attractions

Dexibit for enterprise, government and franchise groups

Manage data, information and performance across your venues, streamlining reporting, benchmarking and communications across your portfolio. With Dexibit, navigate the complexity of different source systems at various sites and enterprise requirements such as advanced access permissions.

Assess individual venue versus portfolio performance

It’s time to retire old spreadsheets and manual processes. Easily analyze data in three different ways: view a single venue, group specific venues together or aggregate all for comparison with internal benchmarks. 

Integrate data from multiple sources and architectures

Quickly and easily compare data between venues, even if they have differing systems such as ticketing between various sites. Manage each venue individually with its own source system and business rules. 

Advanced data control including access privileges

When managing data across multiple venues, control who sees what from which venue in your portfolio, keeping sensitive information protected. 

“A data rich environment – which helps craft and drive what the visitor experience is going to be – means we’re more effective in enabling our visitors to enjoy their time in the museum.”
DeAnna Wynn
- Assistant Director for Information Technology,
Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture

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Talk to one of our team to learn more about managing data across multiple site portfolios and case studies from industry success stories.

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