NEW: Almanac impacts

School holiday? Ball game on? Rainy day? Find out what’s impacting your visitors’ decisions, including general admission, dwell times and earned revenue with the impact set of visualizations.

We’ve recently added more visualizations to our library which analyze almanac, seasonal, day type and weather influences.

An almanac is an annual calendar containing important dates pertaining to statistical analysis. In Dexibit, the almanac includes anything related to what’s on in and around the venue, including:

  • Public programming
  • Regional events
  • Public holidays
  • School term
  • Cruise ships
  • Weather (managed as a global feed)

Each of these visualizations calculates the total number of days classified under the various types, the daily average for this metric for this classification, and the percent impact. At a glance, see what factors are positive versus negative, and by how much.