NEW: Almanac module

Dexibit’s almanac is a calendar based timeline for managing data on:

  • What’s happening around the venue, such as school terms, public holidays, cruise ships and regional events
  • What’s on at the venue, such as activities (exhibitions, events and experiences) and opening hours
  • Global data feeds, such as weather

This data is used to inform insight and predictive algorithms, such as training machine learning models for forecasting. As well as adding the events themselves, you can also define their metadata, such as how influential a regional event will be (positive or negative) on venue visitation.

Almanac context can also be layered and toggled over forecasts and dashboard or report visualizations – providing flags to contextualize insight – including as a configurable addition to any new master visualization with full visualization controls.

Previously, the almanac had been a widget available on your dashboard, however given its growing importance in managing context for your data, we’ve promoted it up to a new module for easy access.

To access the almanac, select the module from the left hand side navigation menu.