NEW: Data availability

As Dexibit’s data visualization library grows, we’re adding all sorts of new ways to help you navigate the various options and find your way quickly to the insights you need.

In addition to search, recommendations by role and sort by data source, we’re now introducing the ability to sort by the extent of data available in your venue:

  1. Complete data available
  2. Incomplete data available (for example, if your data is looking patchy, or where you only have some sources for a visualization that combines several)
  3. No data available

You’ll also see an ‘Other’ option, for widgets like the almanac (calendar) and notes, which you’ll need to enter and manage data. Each category provides a summary of the number of visualizations.

Remember if you have data at some point in time for a source, but perhaps not right up until the present day, the visualization will still show as having data available, to some extent. The feature works automatically – add an integration or upload data and it will adjust itself.

This feature is useful for:

  • Making it easy for general users to navigate quickly to business ready insights
  • Helping account administrators understand the progression of their data scope implementation (use your ‘incomplete / no data available’ as a hit list for planning forward)

Remember sometimes when you don’t have data available, it may be for a good reason – for example, if your venue doesn’t ticket admissions, then ticketing visualizations will be listed as no data available.

To sort by data availability, refer to the sort drop down list at the top of the Library. 

Release date: September 12th 2018