NEW: Earned media alerts

It’s always great when your museum gets a good news story, but does it make a difference to feet through the door? What’s your museum’s return on public relations? At Dexibit, we’ve been working out how to monitor this for every museum.

We’ve launched a new integration pack with Google Alerts, that enables you to set up a news alert and then using the RSS feed, take this data into Dexibit. That way, you keep a record of all your press mentions in once place – together with all your other data – and you can also start comparing the impact the media has on museum performance.

Using an additional data source or paid service to track earned media? Talk to us about a bespoke integration.

Setting up a Google Alert

To setup a Google Alert, go to and sign in if you have a Gmail account. You can then add alert terms, such as:

  • Your museum name (you might need to combine this with your city name, if generic)
  • Your executive’s names or curator’s names
  • The titles of upcoming exhibitions or events at your venue

Monitoring return on earned media

Once you’ve set up your Google Alerts, head over to Dexibit and into the Venue Management module (you’ll need administrator privileges to access configuration capabilities). Under the ‘Media’ tab, you can add in each of your Google Alert feeds in. Any new alerts from hereon in will then be fed through to Dexibit.

Note, as Google Alerts is a RSS feed rather than API integration, alerts cannot be backdated. However, you can enter historic data manually into the calendar as a ‘press mention’ and view both your future alerts and manual entries together as one.