NEW: Email marketing lists

Email marketing tools are invaluable for quantifying marketing success and understanding your audience. Building upon Dexibit’s existing library, our next generation email marketing visualizations provide for more granular insight into specific list subscribers.

Your list subscribers represent both marketing reach and visitor segments. Understanding fluctuations in these subscribers could give insight into your visitors’ tastes, for instance, a large number of unsubscribes could indicate that you are reaching out too often or not hitting correct topics. On the other hand, high open and click rates could reflect high interest in an upcoming exhibition and could play into forecasting visitation.

Email marketing widgets are available in the library module, and can be added to any dashboard or report. Visualization #111 Email Subscribers provides an overview of total subscribers per list through a volumetric visualisation, whereas #164 Email Subscribers and #116 Email Subscribers Change look closely at what changes have occurred over time.

The full list of our email marketing widgets includes:

  • #164 Email subscribers
  • #116 Email subscribers change
  • #111 Email subscribers
  • #115 Email campaign engagement
  • #112 Email campaigns

To use these visualizations, your email marketing vendor will need to be integrated with Dexibit. To find out more, turn to your data concierge. 

Release date: November 6th 2018