NEW: Exhibition comparison widgets

How well did your last exhibition do? We realise that there is more than one way to measure success, so we have created tools for multiple methods of exhibition evaluation. Hot on the heels of the exhibition simulator, we have released a number of visualisations that delve deeper into the performance of past exhibitions. Available in the library, these widgets can be added to a dashboard or any report.


In the examples below, the dashboard is set to show 31 days (29 May 2018 – 28 Jun 2018), which corresponds exactly to the duration of the exhibition “The Southern Ocean”. There are other exhibitions that overlap with this date range. For these dates, there were 35,645 visitors to the venue in total (32,871 were forecast), and 5,853 visitors went to “The Southern Ocean” exhibition.


#139 Special Exhibition Uplift

This calculation shows the blunt uplift effect. All exhibitions that intersect with the selected date range are shown as columns in this histogram visualization. The calculation for each is derived from:

In this case, since the date range of the dashboard is set to the same range as the duration of the exhibition, we see zero uplift.

#161 Exhibition Uplift from Forecast

This visualization answers the question of how much better was visitation to the venue than expected, (for the duration of an exhibition)? It uses a different calculation to the previous visualization, and because it references the venue’s visitation forecast, it takes into consideration factors such as:

  • Season
  • Month
  • Day of the week

For each exhibition that intersects with the date range, the following calculation is made:

#160 Exhibition Forecast Against Actual

This last visualisation compares the visitation numbers that were forecast for a specific exhibition with the actual attendance. There will only be data in this widget if your venue has had at least one exhibition simulation forecast run for exhibitions that have already passed.