NEW: Exhibition visitation sources

Measuring visitation for a single exhibition can be as complex as for the venue as a whole. With Dexibit’s new exhibition feature release, we enable you the flexibility of getting exhibition insights regardless of how you count your visitors to that particular experience.

In addition to counting ticket sales, attendance can now also be tracked through automated footfall hardware like lasers or cameras (or their manual equivalents, if you’re still using clicker counters), wifi presence zone activation rates, or even an assumption on the venue visitation as a whole. Each exhibition can have its own method of data collection, and may correspond to one or more tickets, counters or zones.

In order to set a visitation source for a single exhibition, you will first need to select an exhibition from the monthly calendar widget #82. Towards the end of the form, you will see a section titled “Visitation” and a button labelled “Change”, which will allow you to set a custom source.

Exhibition product
When creating a new exhibition, “Exhibition product” is the default method of counting visitors. This matches the name of the exhibition with a ticket product from the venue’s admissions integration and uses ticket data as visitation. Remember to make sure to match the ticket names (or refer to the admissions method below).

An account admin can manually set which tickets correspond to the visitation of an exhibition, allowing for the choice of one or more products. This does not rely on an exact name match with the exhibition, unlike the method above.

Footfall counts may be taken in internal spaces within the venue and associated with specific exhibitions. This method allows both for footfall counters from automated hardware integrations, or from manual clicker counter uploads. Visitation can be taken from one or more sources.

WiFi presence data may also be used to understand how many people went to an exhibition. This calculation scales the venue device count to the venue visitation and the percentage of devices in the exhibition zone is calculated accordingly. This is a useful method for when the venue does not have separate tickets or footfall counters for an exhibition.

This method is for when we assume that all visitors to the venue are coming for an exhibition. Numbers are taken from the venue visitation source.

With the exhibition visitation source set up, your venue is now able to unlock exhibition specific insights and reporting. Talk to your data concierge about exhibition simulation, or check out the following widgets:

  • 122 Exhibition conversion rates
  • 124 Exhibition visitation over lifetime
  • 137 Exhibition visitation over time
  • 138 Exhibition visitation over days