NEW: Footfall deep dive

Counting the number of visitors to a venue can be a notoriously difficult task, and it is not uncommon to use a number of sources to gather this data – admissions, clicker counts, wifi presence data all contribute to this picture. When looking specifically at feet through the door however, there is no better source than footfall that counts the number of people crossing a threshold. This week, we take a deeper dive into this data source to better understand how it can be used to its full potential.

Rippling in popularity through the retail and attraction industries alike, footfall data can be used to understand how many people are entering an area. The most obvious scenario would be to count total visitors through the entrance to a building, in which case it is good practice to regularly audit the data with a clicker. Audits should result in a scaling factor – a number below 1 that is used to adjust the footfall counts to exclude staff, people repeatedly entering and any contractors. You can set footfall up as your main visitation source in Venue Management, under “sources”, and then head to “scaling” to input any adjusting factors. A great visualization to understand the difference between your footfall data and other visitation sources is #123 Visitation by count method.

Placement is important – footfall isn’t restricted to just the main entrance. We are increasingly starting to see measurements taken within interior areas, as well as outdoors. Admin users are able to manage individual footfall counters in the “counters” tab in Venue Management and have full control over position, method and status of each. Counters can be associated with exhibitions in the calendar, either individually or in groups, which will automatically ingest exhibition visitation data into the platform, and show it in exhibition widgets in the dashboard or in reports. Footfall counters can also be placed at retail and hospitality areas in order to gather data to automatically gain an understanding of conversion rates. More description of our recent product updates for footfall can be found on our blog.

Footfall data can be collected using a number of different technologies including, but not limited to: beam break, thermal, a number of camera based solutions and even using simple clicker counters. There is a clear distinction between this type of data and WiFi presence data, as the latter only provides device counts which could be more or fewer than actual visitors – visualization #162 can be used to gain insight into your venue’s unique wifi penetration rates. We currently integrate with vendors that include Beonic, Sensource , ShopperTrak and Reveal.

Footfall data appears on the following widgets:

  • #99 Hourly footfall by counter
  • #118 Footfall by counter
  • #117 Daily footfall by counter
  • #89 Popular hour visits

Also, if footfall is set as your venue’s visitation source, it will appear on an even larger set of visualizations, including:

  • #19 Venue visitors
  • #23 Total venue visitors
  • #58 Average venue visitors
  • #61 Hourly visitation
  • #66 Hourly visitation by day of week
  • #75 Popular hours by day

To find out more, or to integrate your own venue’s footfall data, please contact your data concierge.

Release date: August 23rd 2018