NEW: Full page reporting

Following on from offering summary statistics, periodic totals and visualization controls for a number of master visualizations in the dashboard, we’ve now introduced this functionality into reporting too, complete with a new full page report design option.

To access this feature in reporting, click to add a new page on any report design from the top horizontal report canvas menu, and select the option for a “Full page visualization”, which will provide a new page in your report with a single large format panel. As usual, click on your panel to access the Catalog and choose your visualization (search ‘Master’ to quickly find visualizations with the full range of new features). Click on the option of your choice to insert.

Once you have placed a visualization, toggle the ‘Configure panels’ option from the top horizontal report canvas menu to:

  1. Configure the chart appearance
  2. Select a custom date range for this visualization
  3. Apply a query builder

Remember to toggle off Configure panels to keep editing your report.

You’ll see the summary statistics above and periodic totals below, to complete your reporting needs (plus, you can also use your visualisation controls to add label markers).