NEW: Insights are here!

Launching a new module is always a special occasion at Dexibit and today we’re announcing the release of our new Insights module!

Dexibit contains a treasure trove of interesting insights in the visualization library for use in dashboards and reports, but with a ton of exciting visualizations to choose from, sometimes the best ones get lost in the pile. We’ll be curating the best of the bunch when it comes to analysing visitor behavior and put them all in once place, ready for you to enjoy – starting with Location Analytics.

Dexibit’s Location Analytics uses active scanning of your visitor’s mobile devices via your venue’s existing WiFi network. You can see where your visitors go, how they get there, how long they spend and how often they come back, all without interruption to the visitor experience. Over the past few years, we’ve developed all sorts of great visualizations and dynamic functionality to help get the most out of this rich data source.

This new Insights module is also where we’ll be launching more additional advanced analytics models in future. Next in the line up is Sentiment Analysis, which collates freeform visitor comments from social media and uses artificial intelligence to interpret thousands of remarks into sentiment satisfaction, emotional reaction and key themes. For example, this means you can see what words your customers often use when they are negatively surprised versus what leaves them feeling positively inspired. You’ll also see our Digital Correlation model, which analyzes the strength between a visitor to your website and one through the door, slicing and dicing this by channel and geography. For example, this means you can see where your digital investment is performing at its best, or work out a content schedule to optimize your digital return.

To access Insights, simply select the module from the left hand navigation menu. Enjoy!

Release date: January 21st 2019