NEW: Library home page

Over the past few years, we’ve built a lot of data visualizations designed specifically for visitor attractions – hundreds. As a result, our data visualization Library had become a little more complicated to navigate and some users reported feeling overwhelmed the first time they used it.

This week, we’ve launched a new Library navigation structure complete with a home page to help navigate through the different ways to explore visualizations to find the one you’re after. This includes:

  • Available data
  • By source
  • By role
  • New in Dexibit
  • Browse all

If you’re after your dashboard configuration panel, you’ll see it tucked away on the right hand side. It will open when you dig in to explore any of these areas, or you can open it by clicking the Configure tab. As normal, you’ll be able to search.

Once you dig into a navigation path, you can then sort by filter – for example, when navigating by source below, you’ll see the Library will default to Admissions. In the top right corner, you’ll be able to swap between data sources.

In addition to navigating for data available, you’ll also be able to clearly see visualizations which you don’t have data available for – they’re thumbnail images will be in black and white and when you hover over them, an indicator will show you no data is available.

Based on your feedback we’ve also updated the Configure panel to use up and down arrows to reorder your visualizations, rather than drag and drop.