NEW: Library navigation

Over the past few years, Dexibit’s library of ready built data visualizations has grown exponentially – and with more on the way each week, the sheer volume of options in the library has got to the point where we’ve had to rethink how we help users navigate. Recently, you will have noticed we’ve been releasing a series of enhancements to help you find what you’re looking for easily.

Recommended for me

Often, particularly for users new to analytics, choosing what data you need is a bit like being at a restaurant with a never ending menu – too many choices! So, we looked across all the different types of Dexibit users, from the board room to front of house, in order to recommend the most popular data visualizations based on different types of roles in your organization. That way, you can isolate options that will be meaningful to you and your department.

Select ‘Role’ from the sort options available at the top of the application header. You’ll see the top three, or expand to see all. 

Browse by source

Once users are confident exploring, often they say ‘show me everything you’ve got for…’. Now, you can sort by data source and browse through all the options available for each area of your organization, from footfall to membership and beyond.

Select ‘Source’ from the sort options available at the top of the application header. You’ll see the top three, or expand to see all. 


If you know what you’re looking for, let’s get straight to it! In the header of the application, you’ll find a search bar where you can enter whatever it is you’re after. You’ll also find each visualization has its own identification number, which is great to reference when you’re collaborating with another user.

Type in your search query and click the search icon to explore. 

Dashboard and report templates 

Lastly, if you’d like quick access to a curated selection of visualizations, our templates have been put together based on what we see as best practice across the industry. Dashboard templates are based on either your onboarding journey status or your role, whereas reporting templates are more commonly angled towards a department or function of your organization. Both are just a starting point and can be customized further to your preferences.

To select a dashboard template, refer to ‘Preferences’ in your profile settings.

When configuring a report, select a template from the drop down list.