NEW: Messaging

Alongside Dexibit’s big data analytics software as a service, our solution includes your own data concierge service, which uniquely takes care of all your setup, support and advisory requirements to advance the data mission at your museum.

Based on your feedback, we’ve now introduced a new messaging feature into Dexibit itself. That way, you don’t need to hunt around your emails to work out where that pesky ticketing integration security is at, plus you don’t need to leave the app if you just want to ask a quick question, whether you need help or just want to find out how many visitors to expect next week.

You can still access concierge setup, support and advisory services at or by emailing

In app messaging

On the top right of Dexibit, you’ll see a new messaging icon. You’ll also see a red badge notifying you of the number of new messages if there’s something in your inbox waiting for you. Got a question to ask? Type away and hit send!

Where to next? 

As we get your feedback on how the new messaging function is suiting your requirements, we’ll be introducing more features and functionality. Plus, we’re currently working on a combination of natural language generation and bot technology to start to automate both proactive and reactive concierge conversation, so watch this space!