NEW: Mixed goal summaries

Turns out, goals are pretty complex things. The trouble with goals is that some venues set goals annually, some set them quarterly, some monthly, some weekly, some daily, some against an exhibition, or a campaign. Some do all of the above. Several times over – maybe a base target plus a stretch goal. Sometimes, the time period you’re looking at in your dashboard or a report is different to the timeframe of the goal requirement, perhaps different in various ways to several.

Sounds complex? It is.

In our traditional volumetrics, like ‘Total Venue Visitors’ (#23), the embedded goal gauge dial takes a rough cut to jam all the above into one metric, meshing together various goals of different timeframes and comparing that to your dashboard time period. The ‘Goal Burn Up’ (#104) simplifies things, but gets into the weeds – you choose your measure, then your target, to see a day by day comparison of goal against actual. But it felt like something was missing, one view in between.

So now, drumroll please, introducing the new ‘Goal Summary’! All the simplicity of a volumetric, yet the control of goal selection, so you can compare how your goal is going for the time period of your dashboard while still seeing how your goal performance to date looks.

Release date: September 25th 2018