NEW: Query builder for business users

Often in order to really understand data, we need to be able to examine it from different angles, or to break it down into different pieces, rather than viewing as a whole. This is particularly the case when it comes to ticketing, as many visitor attractions report on various complex equations from different ticketed products and types.

With the new query builder, you can quickly slice and dice data straight from your dashboard by building equations from your venue’s unique product catalog structure to filter what you’re looking at and create a new view.

  1. On the top right hand corner of enabled visualizations, you’ll find a cog settings icon.
  2. Hovering over, a tool tip will show you a query is applied.
  3. To edit the query, click on the cog and the query builder will pop up.
  4. In the query builder, click to expand and explore your product catalog.
  5. Select or unselect products to your preference, then click [OK].

You’ll see all of your related data on your entire dashboard – not just this visualization – will be updated to reflect your chosen query. These changes will persist, meaning they’ll still be here when you login next time.

The query builder is perfect for:

  • Excluding particular products from your usual counts, for example, ‘guest’ tickets which you don’t deem as visitors
  • Dividing sub sets of your data for different users, for example all admission products versus all events
  • Creating a specific view for departmental reporting of ticketed products, such as education admissions

Release date: August 15th 2018

Coming up next we’ll be working on saving query filters as views to share with your team, enabling side by side duplicate visualizations where each has its own query filters and applying filters to other elements of the product catalog additional to ticketing.