NEW: Reporting images

If reporting is all about telling a story with data and a picture paints a thousand words, then putting the two together is a powerful thing! New in Dexibit’s transformed reporting module, you can now add images to your report design canvas to help illustrate the story your data paints.

To add an image to a report:

  • Navigate to your report and open it to edit in the report design canvas
  • Click on a panel of your choice (you may need to create a row structure first)
  • In the Catalog editor, click on the Image tab
  • Select Add Image to locate your file
  • When uploaded, click Save to commit your changes

Depending on the size of your image file, you may need to wait briefly for your file to upload.

To edit, repeat the action to overwrite your image. To delete, select your panel and click Clear on the Catalog editor.