NEW: Restricted access

Dexibit is designed without limitations – you can add as many users as you like, integrate many sources and add as much data as you can. But there might be occasions where you want to restrict certain data from particular users – commonly revenue data, which might only be made available to executives and the finance department. Or, you might have particular users, such as a governing body or your shop operator, who you only want to allow access to basic visitation data.

For these situations, Dexibit now has restricted access management, to enable account administrators with the ability to choose who has access to what data. You choose which users get access to various data sources, and Dexibit will automatically hide any related visualizations from those users on any dashboard or report (best of all, they won’t even be aware they’re missing out).

One thing to note though – access management only applies to in app use, so if you purposefully design a report and set automatic PDF distribution via email, this will override any data source restrictions.

To try out restricted access, navigate to the Venue module and click on the Users tab. Select a user, click ‘Edit’ and then identify the data sources you wish to restrict, by selecting the source from the left hand side available sources list and using the right direction arrow to move the source to the right hand side restricted sources list.  When you’re finished, click OK.

Release date: September 17th 2018