NEW: Tourism conversion

To what degree is visitation at your venue influenced by tourism? How much of recent performance can be explained by tourism changes? At Dexibit, we set out to find the answer for every museum.

We’ve incorporated a consolidated view of global tourism into Dexibit, taking in data on domestic and regional tourism for every city we operate in, working with local and central governments worldwide to centralize tourism statistics.

Now in Dexibit, you can quickly check your local tourism statistics and browse insight on your museum’s tourism market share or conversion rate.

Tourism conversion

In the library, you’ll find new insights such as a city tourist conversion visualization. This draws regional statistics from your local region, matching this with your museum’s visitation to reveal changes in your tourism market share. This insight is useful for executives needing to understand the influence of the tourism market on venue performance or negotiating local government grants to evidence the venue’s draw for tourism. It’s also useful information for marketers monitoring the performance of return on marketing investment for the tourism market or curatorial staff wanting to track the domestic or international appeal of exhibitions.

Supplementary evaluation

In addition to the tourism data feed, museums can also use traditional visitor evaluation techniques to survey visitors’ city of origin, and determine domestic and international tourism. Additional visualizations are available in the library drawing upon visitor evaluation data to supplement tourism insight.

Data override 

Dexibit draws its tourism data from various local government authorities globally. However, if you have your own data source, or a different method of counting tourism, you can override Dexibit’s global data feed with your own manual upload.

Local authority report automation

As well as utilizing tourism data, many cultural attractions also need to report their own performance to a regional authority, for use in government tourism performance analysis. Dexibit enables the institution to set up PDF via email reports to automate this function and provide a standardized, regular data feed.