NEW: Transforming footfall

A recent trend we’ve noticed amongst a number of institutions is the recent deployment of a variety of footfall counting methods not just on entrances, but throughout the venue’s interior. As a result, we’ve recently overhauled how we treat footfall in general, making way for the self service management of various options.

To start, in the Venue management module, on the Visitation tab, when account administrators are defining the source of truth in visitation counts, you can now differentiate between daily and hourly footfall counts, plus choose a technology (manual or automatic) for each. This is useful for venues who are either sticking with manual clicker counts but trialing automated sensors, or vice versa where automated counters are installed and daily clickers being used for sporadic auditing. Visualisation number 123 is useful for comparing the two side by side together with ticketed admission too, during audits. Additionally, we’ve added a separate indicator here to flag a business rule if your venue uses internal footfall, in that some counters, whether they be manual or automatic, are deployed within the venue itself. Choosing this option means you can define some counters as entrances, whereas others will be used for indoor positioning analysis only.

Next, still in the Venue management module, in the Counters tab, you can add additional detail for each counter you use, defining a mixture of technologies. Each counter can receive a device identifier (this must match the unique identifier of a vendor if integrated an automated counter so that data ingestion flows correctly). You can also give the counter an alias to make the description easier for your users to understand. For example, the device identifier might be DEVICE-XYZ, and your chosen alias might be ‘North entrance’. You can select to enable or disable the counter (allowing you to toggle unused equipment or those still being installed off). You can also select which counters are on entrances to your building or campus to count towards total visitation, versus which are only used for internal footfall.

As with any uploads, there’s now a sync pack so that you can manually upload daily or hourly footfall for any counter. Counters need to be defined in the Venue management module as above before uploading data to them. You’ll see a few usability enhancements to how we manage uploads, and if one of your counters is not defined, your upload will warn you that it has only been partially successful.

Lastly, no change would be complete without some beautiful new visualisations to go with it:

  • Daily footfall by counter (visualiation 99)
  • Hourly footfall by counter (visualization 117)
  • Overview footfall by counter (visualization 118)

Remember when you’re uploading footfall by counter, you’ll need to define your counters first in Venue management; when you’re uploading ticketing by exhibition, you’ll need to define your exhibitions too in your Calendar almanac for exhibition based analysis.

Release date: August 23rd 2018