NEW: Variable date ranges in reporting

Recently, the Reporting module underwent a significant upgrade to the user experience to provide a more flexible design canvas for creating reports.

Now, you can individually adjust the date range on any visualization, independent of the report date range. For example, you might want to see the month, quarter and year to date side by side; perhaps with other various selections, such as drop downs. You can even have an entire report built from a single visualization!

To create alternate date ranges:

  • Add a visualization to a report by clicking on a panel and selecting to add from the Catalog menu (repeat this action to add a visualization multiple times)
  • Toggle on ‘Configure panels’, located in the center of the horizontal component menu
  • For each visualization you want to change, use the Calendar icon on the top right corner of the visualization to select a different date range (repeat this action to adjust each visualization to your preference)
  • Combine various date ranges with other panel adjustments, such as drop down selections
  • Remember to toggle off ‘Configure panels’ when you’ve finished editing individual visualizations to return the report back into canvas mode

Release date: February 12th 2019