NEW: WiFi penetration rate

Wifi presence data unlocks a treasure trove of insights for a venue, including zone activation rates, dwell times, repeat visit metrics and visitor trail paths. Our new penetration rate visualization lets you understand even more about your presence data, showing how the device count to your venue compares to visitation.

WiFi presence data is taken from devices that are detected throughout a venue and does not represent the full population of your visitors as not every person is carrying exactly one WiFi enabled device. There are times when a venue will have a large number of visitors who carry no devices – such as groups of younger children – whereas other times, visitors may be carrying multiple devices per person.


Widget #162, WiFi penetration rate, shows device counts, as detected by WiFi data, divided by the total number of visitors on a given day. The penetration rate is shown as a line chart overlay, whereas the number of visitors each day is shown as a bar chart in the background. Numbers below 100% mean that on average, visitors have one or fewer devices, while a number above 100% could indicate that visitors have at least one device on average. It is useful for seeing what percentage of your visitors are carrying WiFi enabled devices, as well as how this number might change over time. This meta view of the data source not only adds more depth to presence data, but also provides insight into the demographics of visitors.

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