One or many? When a ticket doesn’t equal a visitor

One of the complexities of counting visitation is that one ticket is not always equal to one visitor.  Family passes are a common example of this, where a ticket may represent the whole family comprising three, four or five visitors, as a member tickets that allows for a guest. Another example is a multi day pass, where a ticket might represent more than one visit, even if these are multiple visits from the same visitor.

This count is often called ‘PAX’ in visitor management circles, a term which originated in the tourism sector in the 1970’s as an abbreviation of ‘passengers aboard’ on airlines and is now common in guest hospitality, even outside the travel sector.

Now in Dexibit you can assign a PAX count to a ticket type to ensure these additional visitors are captured within your admission metrics.

Simply navigate to the Rules section of the Venue module and in the new Ticket Counts section, select the ticket types for which you would like to adjust the pax count.  Enter a scaling factor and click apply. You can edit the pax count individually or for multiple ticket types at a time.

You will see the increased admission count reflected in ticketing visualizations such as Master Tickets by Ticket Type (#197).