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Put your results into context with Dexibit’s Recovery Index © for visitor attractions.
Assess your organization’s percent of normal and rate of recovery, globally and locally.

Benchmark in groups with industry peers

Compare your venue’s reopening metrics with others in the attractions industry.

Create or join cohorts and discover group trends, while keeping your data private and secure.

Step into the world of data

Store and access historic visitation data with the added benefit of a simple dashboard tool.

Easily see changes and patterns in your daily visitation, how visitation compares to the same period last year and more.

Who is this designed for?

Dexibit’s big data analytics is designed specifically for visitor attractions, such as museums, zoos, libraries, theme parks and more, with over 100,000 annual visitors. This tool is suitable for venues who have reopened or are planning to in the near future, particularly as it securely stores historic visitation data for easy analysis.

This tool is suitable for those in senior leadership, operations and marketing teams wanting to see how their reopening results compare to other venues in the industry. Dexibit is designed for business users and does not require technical nor data expertise.

What can I do with this tool?

Easily see the visitation total of different time periods, compare to the previous period and historic performance, view weekly patterns and trends over time. Share your data with colleagues or download the details.

Once you reopen, put your visitation results into context by comparing your performance against a global benchmark or defined groups.

How much data do I need?

You’ll need your daily visitation totals for at least 12 months historically. If you’re still closed, this would be 12 months up until the day of closure, if you have reopened, this would include recent data. There is no limit on the history of data you can upload. If you are a new build venue and don’t have a year’s worth of data, talk to us.

It is important to provide daily visitation totals, rather than weekly or monthly summaries, as we benchmark reopening visitation with daily granularity. 

Once you reopen, you can manually upload your visitation data to continue seeing updated benchmarks.

What about security and privacy?

Data provided to Dexibit can only be viewed by your venue’s own nominated users (and any Dexibit staff providing you with support) and is subject to the terms, including confidentiality protections, published at and our commitment to privacy at 

The Benchmarks tool is created in such a way that no individual venue’s data will be visible or identifiable without permission – the data is grouped together and shown as a range or average.

Dexibit hosts with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Oregon, United States. For venues outside of the United States, please note data sovereignty concerns do not usually apply for non personally identifiable information such as visitation statistics.

How long is it free for?

This tool is free forever for visitor attractions and no credit card is required to register.

What types of groups can I create and join?

If you have a group of peers from different attractions, invite them to compare reopening trends without disclosing visitation numbers. Facilitated by Dexibit, compare your recovery index (percent of visitation compared to the same time last year) against other individual venues within your group or compare against the average performance for the whole group.

Groups may include a local working group, a group of attractions with whom you have a close relationship, a network you belong to or a portfolio of venues belonging to an attraction operator.

I’m an association, how does Benchmarks work for me?

For industry associations, tourism authorities and cultural funders, Dexibit can facilitate quick and easy data collation from your constituent venues, delivering unique and exclusive insights for members and other stakeholders. This service is free for a limited time. Contact us to express interest and discuss options.

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