Power your visitor attraction’s future using data. Here’s why the world’s best venues use Dexibit:

Predict visitation, revenue and more, down to the hour and up to a year ahead

Escape the grind or guesswork in strategic and operational planning. Let artificial intelligence do the hard work while you plan for the future.

  • Generate accurate, granular and intelligent forecasts, fast
  • Fast forward scenario planning with simulations
  • Maximize visitation and revenue for exhibitions

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Actionable insights to optimize growth, experience and loyalty

Uncover data stories that inspire. Discover recommendations to respond to factors impacting your visitors’ decisions, then action and track return on investment.

  • Go deep on visitor behavior with AI technology
  • Realize the magic of correlation
  • Harness the power of data science

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Personalized views of your data, at your fingertips and in the moment

Dashboards free your team from time consuming spreadsheets and confusing tools so they can do more with less.

  • Bring your data together under one roof
  • Build personalized dashboards
  • Benchmark performance and recovery

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Design and automate reports

Create beautifully visual data documents your team will love.

  • Flexible drag and drop design
  • Set and forget with dynamic dates
  • Automate report distribution and storage

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“Big data for MOTAT helps us understand what our visitors are doing, where they are, and it’ll also help us understand what they want. What Dexibit gives us is the opportunity to bring those data sets together and paint an incredible picture of knowledge for us.”

Steven Fox, General Manager – Museum Experience

Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)

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