Prepare for an uncertain future

Escape the grind or guesswork in strategic and operational planning. Let artificial intelligence do the hard work while you plan for the future.
Dexibit’s machine learning models are designed specifically for visitor attractions, pooling the experience and insight of a global industry.

Generate accurate, granular and intelligent forecasts, fast

Dexibit’s forecasting models train on historic data, contextualized with what’s happening in and around your venue.

Advanced technology listens for signals which predict visitor behavior, to inform decisions on budget planning, staff scheduling and inventory management.

Fast forward scenario planning with simulations

Plan best, worst and most probable scenarios which reflect uncertain market conditions, such as rolling closures, reduced tourism, opening operations, capacity limits and more.

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Maximize visitation and revenue for exhibitions

Find the optimal price, marketing budget, schedule, placement and strategy for exhibitions using world first simulation technology trusted by blockbusters.

Dexibit’s predictive analytics models


Short and long term visitation forecasts for operational and strategic planning.


Simulate exhibitions to find the optimal product, price, place and promotional strategy.


Forecast advance pass reservation no shows for capacity management.


Long term top line revenue for strategic planning.

“The Simulation tool is most useful to help narrow down the number of potential futures. This helps create space and time for our team to make more pro-active decisions, rather than reactive decisions based on catastrophizing and getting overwhelmed by uncertainty.”

Kyle Wilbert, Visitor Experience Manager
The Museum of Arts and Design

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