Prepare for an uncertain future

Combine a hybrid approach of machine learning and controlled assumptions to simulate scenarios modelled on your venue’s unique data.
Control, analyze and monitor various market conditions and operational dynamics based on evolving situations.

Simulate visitation to align spend and operations

Simulate visitation to your venue down to the day and up to a year ahead set against myriad market and site specific assumptions. Plan best, worst and most probable scenarios to compare and contrast.

Creative control for powerful decision making

Toggle in a variety of assumptions to reflect changing market conditions or operating paradigms and make micro adjustments to explore decision sets. See scenarios play out in real time, live on screen.


Advanced controls available for premium subscriptions only. 

Create, share and compare

Reference Dexibit’s industry leading situation reports for geographies and segments, or design your own scenarios. Save your creations to share with colleagues and contrast various simulations.


Simulation analysis and access management available for premium subscriptions only. 

Example condition controls


Measure the impact of closures, model various reopening dates and simulate rolling shutdowns of various lengths and frequencies.


Adjust the mix and weights of international and domestic tourism by visitor origin or market segment.


Simulate regulated or self initiated capacity limitations, by day of the week.


Adjust opening days and hours to imagine changes which may spread visitor density or reduce operating costs.


Model demand curves for reopenings, such as pent up or slow growth over time.

Lines of business

Model business model strategies for product and service line change.


Simulate changes to activities such as exhibitions, experiences or events from a centralized almanac.


Analyze the impact of household discretionary spending changes through price changes and spending behaviors.

Who is Simulation designed for?

Dexibit’s big data analytics is designed specifically for visitor attractions, such as museums, zoos, libraries, theme parks and more, with over 100,000 annual visitors. The Simulation module is best suited for venues with regular visitation (either free or paid, timed or walkup), as opposed to event driven visitation such as a stadium or performing arts center with events such as concerts, sports or performances.

Scenario simulation is useful for senior leadership and crisis management teams, particularly executive, finance, operations and marketing. Dexibit is designed for business users and does not require technical nor data expertise.

How does it work?

After registering, you’ll receive a welcome email with information on simulating scenarios. To begin, send in your daily visitation summary totals (at least 12 months, using a template provided). We’ll set up your account, load this data into Dexibit and run a forecast using our machine learning models. These models automatically pick up on trends, patterns and signals in your data, providing daily visitation predictions as a baseline for your simulations. These predictions will also provide their expected accuracy, which you’ll be able to validate by looking at the summary total and trend line.

When you login, you can play with various assumptions, for example different start dates, rolling shutdowns, or market factors such as tourism. You’ll see your simulation adjust instantly while adjusting your assumptions. Once your simulation is finished, you can save it, download it, or edit it further.

After we receive your data, you can expect your account to be ready to go in 1 – 2 business days.

How much data do I need?

To provide a baseline forecast for your simulation using machine learning, you’ll need your daily visitation totals for at least the last 12 months (or if you closed due to COVID-19, at least 12 months prior to closure). Generally, the more years of data you can provide, the more accurate the forecast is likely to be. There is no limit on the history of data you can upload. If you are a new build venue and don’t have a year’s worth of data, talk to us.

It is important to provide daily visitation totals, rather than weekly or monthly summaries, so that the machine learning models can learn the visitation patterns for example of days of the week, public holidays or school terms (these calendar items are sourced from Dexibit’s central almanac). For the purposes of Simulation, you do not need more granular data, such as hourly data, ticket products and types or raw transactions. However, if you’d like to incorporate this data as part of a wider big data analytics program, talk to us.

When creating a simulation, we’ll provide a few starter assumptions to work with, for example visitor origin. If you have additional data available (such as from visitor intercept evaluation surveys), or if you’d like to make different assumptions, you can adjust these inputs.

What about security and privacy?

Data provided to Dexibit can only be viewed by your venue’s own nominated users (and any Dexibit staff providing you with support) and is subject to the terms, including confidentiality protections, published at and our commitment to privacy at Dexibit hosts with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Oregon, United States. For venues outside of the United States, please note data sovereignty concerns do not usually apply for non personally identifiable information such as visitation statistics.

What is included in the free plan and how long is it free for?

Under the Simulation Starter Pack Free Plan, you’ll receive 3 user accounts for visitation simulation. Simulation is free through the COVID-19 crisis, or at least up until 31 December 2021.

Optionally, you can upgrade to Simulator+ to access membership and revenue simulation, contributions analysis, scenario comparison and up to 10 users.

In addition to forecasts, insights, dashboards and reports with our unique concierge, integrations setup and hosting included, Premium subscribers have unlimited internal users and no data caps. Portfolios can add multiple venues per account and control identity and access management permissions and privileges between these.

Free access to Scenario Simulator has closed

For any questions, contact us on Looking for a free tool? Learn more about our visitation dashboard with industry benchmarks.