Query by line of business

Whether your visitor attraction is not for profit or commercial, cultural or amusement, funded by ticket sales or members and donors; money coming in the door is the lifeblood of sustainability for your venue.  The ability to understand the contribution of different business lines to your overall revenue at a glance is core to keeping your finger on the pulse and making insight informed capital allocation and budgeting decisions.

Recognizing the importance of revenue towards the Dexibit mission of powering our cultural future, we have provided a variety of revenue related visualizations since the early days, however, the complexity of revenue data sources meant there was minimal control in how this data was presented.

With the addition of revenue and business line configuration controls into the Rules section of the Venue module, you are now able to configure and name your business lines rather than have to live with how it is stored in the database.  By grouping lines of data together you can elevate what is plotted on the master revenue visualization, whereas by labeling each as it’s own business line, you can keep the granularity. As no venue is the same, we’ve shifted the configuration out of the ingestion packs and into the hands of the account admin for each venue.

What’s more, once you have configured your lines of business, any user is now able to create a query selecting the business lines for display across three of our core revenue visualizations:

  • #25 Total Revenue – the volumetric displaying the total for the period
  • #185 Master Revenue – the trend lines for each business line over time
  • #51 Revenue per Visitor – the analysis of revenue per visitor over time

An example use case is when you have multiple business lines all related to merchandise revenue.  By creating a business line for each gift shop, retail outlet and potentially eCommerce, you can apply a query for all merchandise that totals these business lines in the volumetric, or compares their individual trends in the master revenue.


There is some degree of complexity in configuring your business lines so we strongly recommend getting in touch with your Dexibit Client Success rep for assistance to maintain data integrity and reap the benefits of greater control and transparency of your revenue data via customizable query views.


Note that if you are currently using alternate revenue visualizations from the three noted above, these will be unaffected by this functionality and have been flagged for retirement in the future as they duplicate functionality available in the three core revenue visualizations.