Occupancy and Capacity Management for Safe and Happy Visitors

As attractions reopen, a top priority is managing capacity to ensure safe and happy visitors. When coupled with the right data, venues can take this a step further and use capacity management to optimize revenue.

This 12 page guide outlines best practices for maximizing capacity while mitigating breaches. Discover actionable insights you can implement with leadership, strategic and operational teams.



In this guide, we cover how to answer:

  • How many visitors are here right now and where?
  • How many visitors can we expect next, allowing for no shows?
  • When are we breaching capacity and why?
  • What is our capacity utilization and the opportunity cost of these constraints?
  • How can we optimize for revenue under constraints?

Table of contents:

  1. Visitation maturity model – 5 levels of capacity best practice
  2. Business rules, terminology and data sources
  3. An introduction to reducing breaches, increasing capacity utilization and maximizing revenue
  4. Data story examples on optimizing occupancy, ticket utilization through advance passes, attrition (no show) analysis
  5. Creating an action plan

Additional resources included:

  • 4 short masterclass style videos on managing and analyzing capacity
  • Blog: The ticket to success – configuring your ticketing system for visitor insights
  • Podcast: The role of empathy and data in capacity management with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC)