Generating Engagement and Demand through Marketing

Marketing is a key component in recovery to increase engagement with audiences on digital channels. Particularly to drive demand for onsite visitation upon reopening.

This guide outlines best practices for increasing reach, optimizing conversion, and powering growth for marketing teams. Discover how to best redefine target markets geographically, analyze performance by digital channel, optimize digital and onsite conversion, attribute campaign success, monitor earned media and press mentions



In this guide, we cover how to answer:

  • How many marketing dollars does it cost to attract a visitor? At what point is budget optimized?
  • What audiences deliver returns for visitation, membership and revenue? Which represent diversification?
  • In which channels and campaigns is marketing investment best concentrated? What is the return?
  • What content should we be posting, where and when?
  • How much media coverage is being achieved and what is it worth?

Table of contents:

  1. Demand generation maturity model – 5 levels of capacity best practice
  2. Business rules, terminology and data sources
  3. An introduction to demand management – increasing reach and conversions
  4. Data story examples on target markets, digital channel performance, online and onsite conversion, campaign attribution, earned media monitoring
  5. Creating an action plan

Additional resources included:

  • 5 short masterclass style videos on generating engagement and demand through marketing
  • Blog: 5 ways attractions are generating demand through marketing
  • Podcast: Reflections on the year that was and the strategy ahead for generating demand with the Musuem of Modern Art (MoMA)