Optimizing Retail Revenue Via Brick and Mortar and E-Commerce

Enhance your buying, planning, and selling processes to streamline growth. Recognize retail opportunities for optimizing conversions and understanding consumer behavior to align your retail to your visitor experience.

This 21-page guide outlines best practices for gaining insight on product strategy, effective retail buying and planning, improving sales, understanding consumer behavior, and predicting revenue.



In this guide, we cover how to answer:

  • What are the differences between brick and mortar and e-commerce for visitor attractions? How can you maximize success for both?
  • How can you predict revenue with the use of machine learning and forecasting?
  • In what ways can we best extend visitor experience through physical and digital retail?
  • Where can memberships and visitor programs be used to leverage conversions?
  • How to compare revenue across physical outlets to measure goal achievement over time? How does this impact your buying and planning decisions?
  • What are the different types of revenue? How can you increase sales via cross-selling and upselling? 

Table of contents:

  1. Visitation maturity model – 5 levels of revenue best practice
  2. Business rules, terminology and data sources
  3. Key metrics and KPIs to measure
  4. Data story examples on brick and mortar, e-commerce, consumer spending, in-store conversions, order provisioning and shipping, buying and planning and predicting revenue
  5. Creating an action plan

Additional resources included:

  • 2 short masterclass style videos on optimizing revenue