The Ultimate Guide to Managing Visitation and Attendance

COVID-19 has introduced several paradigm shifts in visitation patterns, trends and behaviors. With this in mind, we’re going back to basics – to the core of visitor management: managing visitation.

This 17 page guide outlines best practices for managing visitation in attractions. Discover actionable insights you can implement with leadership, strategic and operational teams.



In this guide, we cover how to answer:

  • How does visitation compare year on year and how does our venue compare against its peers? How much have recent events impacted visitation performance?
  • When are visitors coming – what are our most popular times and how do opening days or hours impact visitation?
  • How does seasonality, weather and what’s happening in or around our venue influence a decision to visit?
  • What can we control or respond to?
  • What products are encouraging attendance and what activities are visitors engaging with?
  • Who isn’t visiting and why?

Table of contents:

  1. Visitation maturity model – 5 levels of visitation best practice
  2. Business rules, terminology and data sources
  3. Key metrics and KPIs to measure
  4. Data story examples on monitoring, benchmarking, planning, identifying patterns, impacts on visitation, audiences and demographics, activity and membership conversion
  5. Creating an action plan

Additional resources included:

  • 5 short masterclass style videos on managing and analyzing visitation
  • Blog: 20 questions to ask of your visitation data
  • Podcast: featuring Rachel Mackay, author of the Recovery Room, recently named Blooloop Top 50 Influencer and Manager of the Palaces at Kew