Playbook: Visitor Experience Management Best Practice

For attractions, visitor satisfaction and outcomes are always a top priority – particularly keeping them happy and engaged. Use your visitor experience data to gain clarity on how your guests are feeling and achieve both social and commercial goals in your organization.

This 18 page guide outlines best practices for increasing visitor happiness, engagement and outcomes such as member conversion or retail purchase.



In this guide, we cover how to answer:

  • What factors impact experience and how are these measured by data?
  • What activities resonate with our visitors and how does this impact the time spent onsite?
  • When visitors move through the space – how can we optimize and match the actual trail paths to the desired experience design?
  • How can we develop visitor personas to understand visitor experience? How do we map a visitor journey? 
  • How do visitors feel about their visit? Where do visitors see value?
  • How can we identify opportunities for improvement?

Table of contents:

  1. Visitor experience maturity model – 5 levels of best practice
  2. Business rules, terminology and data sources
  3. Key metrics and KPIs to measure
  4. Data story examples on experience management, how visitors feel, where they go and what they do. This includes insights on visitor personas, journey maps and their emotional responses. 
  5. Creating an action plan

Additional resources included: