COVID-19 Dexibit Whitepaper

Leading in Crisis: Survive then Thrive


Following the World Health Organization’s pandemic status announcement, then sweeping closures of cultural and commercial venues worldwide, visitor attractions are now managing unprecedented business continuity situations, making significant resource cuts and will soon recognize the need for dramatically different strategic plans.

This whitepaper analyzes the impacts of the COVID-19 health and economic crisis for the visitor attractions sector, documents its response and provides attractions professionals with guidance on how to lead in these extreme circumstances.

Published on Tuesday 14 April 2020


Chapters within:

  1. Industry observations under COVID-19
  2. Survive, then thrive leadership framework
  3. Business continuity in a crisis – staff communications, closure policies for advance revenue
  4. Tactical response – closure ramifications, health and safety under closure, workforce impact
  5. Imagining different futures – analyzing the impacts of health, economic, government and tourism situations
  6. Strategic pivots – for marketing, operations, finance, digital engagement and more
  7. Operational preparedness – creating an operational framework for staff